What makes Claddagh Irish Dance different from all the other dance schools in the area? We are the only Irish Dance School in Southeast Missouri. Irish Dance is a sport which is totally unique from other forms of dance, and has long been a part of the rich cultural tradition of Ireland.

Are the classes affordable? Yes. Tuition is just $40/month for weekly classes.

Are there any surprise costs?  No. We do not surprise you with outrageous bills for multiple expensive costumes and performance fees. We are upfront with our costs, which include the annual registration fee, monthly tuition, shoes, socks, class shirt. Performance costumes are provided through the school, and may occasionally require a small fee for cleaning and alteration.

I’ve never danced before, is that a problem? No experience is required to join our school. We accept beginners of all ages. Our class sizes are kept small, so our dancers receive personal attention. You can even try one class for free!

How young can you start Irish Dance? We offer lessons for children as young as 5! Even “wee ones” can learn the basic steps of a traditional Irish Dance.

I’m an adult. Can I give it a try? Yes! We are one of the very few dance schools that offer lessons for adults and even senior citizens! Our adult classes take an easier pace and are oriented to the group, or Ceili dances.

Can my son/husband do this? Yes! Unlike other forms of dance, Irish Dance is not “just for girls.” The boys love the athleticism of the step dancing, and the men take the lead in the adult ceili (group) dancing.

Does this require a big time commitment? No. We require only one hour a week for class, plus some participation in rehearsals and local performances during the year. Participation in competitions is optional, with teacher’s discretion, and does require some additional practices and costs.

I was upset with the racy costumes/music/dance moves at my child’s last performance. Is Irish Dance different from the other dance lessons she has received? Yes. At Claddagh Irish Dance, you will never see racy moves or inappropriate music lyrics and costumes. The tradition of Irish Dance has been passed down through the centuries, and is still respected today. The nature of Irish Dance leaves no room for the objectionable moves you may see in other types of dance. Our costumes remain traditional as well!

My child didn’t like going to dance class because the teacher was intimidating; or My child’s dance teacher seemed inexperienced. What is the teacher like at Claddagh Irish Dance? Marianne Politte has a great love of Irish Dance and wants your child to love it too! Her gentle manner puts children at ease, yet her enthusiasm keeps their attention and encourages their desire to do their best. Mrs. Politte is highly-trained, with 20 years experience in Irish Dance performance and instruction. 

I’m ready to sign up! How do I get started? You can call our studio at 573-330-4543 for an appointment, or fill out our online registration form and we will contact you.